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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Parent Tool Kit Site Is Great

Read Every Day

Perhaps the single most important thing you can do at this stage to foster your child’s reading and writing skills is to read to him every single day. A recent OECD study comparing the role of parents in education in several countries found that the factor that best predicts better reading performance when a child is 15 is whether he was read to during his early years. So read as often as you can to your child, even if just for 20 minutes a day, and do your best to make reading time a fun experience that both of you enjoy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Development and Psychopathology: Children without significant father involvement do worst



We need reliable accountability partnerships to stay on track, even in and especially in the realm of fatherhood. Who on Earth could possibly be in a better position to hold a dad accountable than a loving, honoring and encouraging wife.



Sunday, June 22, 2014

Creative New Ways To Welcome the Blessed Month of Ramadhan with our Children

 Welcome Ramadhan

Articles Relevant to Our Children


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Allah has ruled on what they're debating about: Homosexuals getting Marriage is Fornication

Ibn al-Qayyim said:
Both of them – fornication and homosexuality – involve immorality that goes against the wisdom of Allah’s creation and commandment. For homosexuality involves innumerable evil and harms, and the one to whom it is done would be better off being killed than having this done to him, because after that he will become so evil and so corrupt that there can be no hope of his being reformed, and all good is lost for him, and he will no longer feel any shame before Allaah or before His creation. The semen of the one who did that to him will act as a poison on his body and soul. The scholars differed as to whether the one to whom it is done will ever enter Paradise. There are two opinions which I heard Shaykh al-Islam (may Allaah have mercy on him) narrate.”
(al-Jawaab al-Kaafi, p. 115).
2. Lesbianism means one woman doing to another something like that which a man does to a woman. Homosexuality means having intercourse with males in the back passage. This was the action of the accursed people of the Prophet of Allah Loot (peace be upon him). In sharee’ah terminology it refers to inserting the tip of the penis into the anus of a male.

And Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“And (remember) Loot (Lot), when he said to his people: ‘You commit Al‑Faahishah (sodomy the worst sin) which none has preceded you in (committing) it in the ‘Aalameen (mankind and jinn)’”
[al-‘Ankaboot 29:28]

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Why Fathers are so important in Children's lives


This young man said  "When my dad got out it was never really what I wanted it to be. The coaches really stepped in and became that part of my life that could tell me no you can't do that, or what I should be doing. There has been plenty of times where I call Coach Crowell during the day and we talk for an hour. They both help me by treating me like their own kid...There have been times where I go over to Coach Wilcher's house just to watch TV. I help him out with yard work just to get away from my house. As far as a father figure, I don't really have one to look up to or go home to. If I don't feel comfortable, I can just go to Coach Wilcher's house, the door is always open"

Sad story he was offered a plea deal and will be in court May 2nd

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kindergarteners Caught 'Having Sex' in Bathroom​ -- Where Was the Teacher?!

Two 5-year-olds were found naked and having sex in their classroom's bathroom. Their teacher, Kelly Mascio, reported the incident after she found the boy and girl undressed in the kindergarten bathroom at the school in Mullica Township in south New Jersey. The children admitted that they were "having sex." Of course, we can only hope that those are the words they used to describe what they did (maybe just undressing) thinking it was "sex" in their innocence.
Still, it's terrifying to hear. When we send our kids to school, we expect the teachers to step in for us -- to make sure our kids are safe and not doing anything awful or harmful to themselves or other children. I know there are rules and that teachers cannot accompany kids into the bathroom (at least it is that way in my kids' school), but how do two children go into the bathroom together -- the bathroom inside the classroom -- and have enough time to take their clothes off? Where was the supervision?