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Saturday, March 12, 2011

What Practical Life Skills/Values Are You Going To Teach Your Children?

It's important that we teach our children practical life skills--skills that teach them how to survive in society--how to thrive in society. These practical life skills can be divided into categories and the skills that fall within each category are many, varied and probably endless. The question then arises as to which life skills you value and which life skills you and your spouse want to teach to your children. I'd like to share with you what I am teaching my children--

Communication skills. It is absolutely critical that people learn how to effectively communicate with one another, both verbally and through the written word. I'm teaching my kids the following--

Be truthful-- Sincere, your word means everything

Speak kindly--don't be hurtful with the words you use

Say please, thank you, no thank you, etc. People appreciate manners

Eye contact is very important

As important as your words are, your actions are even more important

When in doubt, ask questions

Being able to organize and write your thoughts down on paper is important

Realize that what you write may be read by many people--unintended readers as well as intended readers

Be very careful what you write/post on the internet. Verily God has access to the internet. "He's watching"

Never, ever, ever use your communication skills to bully or make fun of anyone

A similar important skill set is the formation and maintenance of relationships. The ability to form and maintain relationships affects aspects of our lives. Relationship beliefs and skills that I want my children to master include--

Worship Allah without ascribing any partners with Him in worship

Follow the Messenger Muhammad The Last and Final Prophet sent to Humanity

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself

Do not confuse kindness for weakness. Recognize and value kindness

It's important to be reliable

There is no such thing as being too polite, too kind, or too reliable

Value your time and other people's time

Friends come and go--so choose them wisely"Birds of a feather flock together"

Empathy--it's very important

You love people based on their love of what Allah and His Messenger Love. Love and Hate Moderatly

It's important to treat animals kindly

Treat other people's property with respect

As important as your words are, actions are even more important, Don't walk arrogantly in the society (so important, it's mentioned more than once)

Be kind to those that love you, and maintain Family ties

You have intellect for a reason. If something or someone doesn't feel right, trust yourself

Compromise is important as long as it's not a sin to do so.

You don't always have to indicate to others when you're right

It really is more beneficial to give than to receive

Financial skills are extremely important as money is a necessary part of life. The repercussions of not having these skills can be devastating. Financial skills that I want my children to learn include--

Understand the value of money

Know how to budget and live within your budget

Know that wealth is assigned by The Creator Have money in you pocket and not in your heart, striving for wealth as a goal in dispraised, rather wealth should help you worship God better

The concept of compound interest is impermissable in Islam

If an investment opportunity presents itself make The prayer Istikaarah(the prayer for divine aide)

The importance and pitfalls of credit

Day to day living skills/concepts are certainly important and should not be undervalued. Every day living skills/concepts that I want my children to master include--

Guard you daily Prayers and make them on time if possible

Understand that Math and Science are extremely important but not as important as Knowledge of the Deen of Islam

The Correct beliefs are important and can affect your behaivor

Know how to swim

Have a dislike for Pictures and Music they are impermissable in Islam

Know how to maintain a vehicle so you don't run out of oil and so your windshield wipers always work,
Be able to change a tire

If you make something from scratch it gives you a personal sense of accomplishment

One man's trash is another's treasure. don't take charity if you don't need it.

Know how to do the wash, hem your pants, sew on buttons, and iron a garment

Know how to make healthy food

Know how to read a label

Know how to make a dollar go a long way (also a financial skill) don't be wasteful

Life's lessons are very important and can have an effect on one's happiness. I want my children to understand the following--

Thoughts are very powerful

Be content with what you have

Always do your best. Realize your best may change from day to day

It's ok to be wrong--in fact, that's how we learn, rectify your mistakes and errors

If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Value and nurture your creativity within the limits set by Your Lord Allah

Value and nurture your own time. Take time to rejuvenate

Religious/Spiritual Lessons--these are very important, very personal and very family driven lessons. My children do have a foundation. They have their beliefs. Parents should teach by example. You'll find this idea a wonderful compliment! from your children's prespective 

The correct Understanding is paramount to Happiness and Allah's pleasure

We (Parents) should teach by example...as well as in lesson form. And it's our responsibility to make sure our children possess the skills necessary to live productive and happy lives -- (God willing)

So, the question is, what do you and your spouse want to teach your children?

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