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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trending.... Effecting the Family Right now

How the militant homosexual movement imposed their will on the citizens of New York and intimidated the New York State legislators resulting in one of the biggest political sell-outs in American history.

IN YOUR FACE Empire State Buiding is lit in rainbow colors, the colors of the gay rights movement on the night the bill past
From Mass Resistance:
“How “gay marriage” passed in Republican-controlled NY Senate: Pressure, payoffs, political cowardice, selling out of principles.:
It was arguably the biggest sell-out in modern American political history. A group of “pro-family” Republican Senators who already had the power to stop “gay marriage” in New York decided to take the easy route, and simply stepped back and gave in to their opponents.
This is a story about treachery and cowardice in the face of pressure when the most important vote in decades was taking place.
Late Friday night, in its last action of the 2011 legislative session, the Republican-controlled New York State Senate passed Gov. Cuomo’s “gay marriage” bill 33-29. Within hours it was signed by the Governor. New Yorkers will now be legally forced to recognize the bizarre concept of men marrying other men.”

It’s no longer a “rights” movement anymore, Liberals and their so-called victim groups such as militant feminists, homosexuals and environmentalists along with the anti-Religious groups have moved from oppressed and merely seeking equality, to wanting complete domination.

Ever since the success of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960′s every new “cause” has sought to attach itself in some way to that noble effort. In the struggle over civil rights, we had a class of victims and oppressors, a David and a Goliath, a clear struggle, between good and evil.
Now, after we have won in the cause of civil rights, the biggest challenge faced by the left, now mostly made up of progressives and liberal activist groups, is the need to create “victims” where few or none exist.
This has great implications on the Family in the world Right minded people are watching this issue closely
safeguarding the family will safeguard the society.

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