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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What is the Getto Sub-Culture? And What policies keep it going?


 I recently had a conversation with my 25 year old daughter about her choices in life, and the many choices she's made, their seems to be some great confusion in her mind about personal responsibility. In a prior conversation she attempted to cast blame on us(her parents) for her failed circumstances which so far has only lead to harm and corruption.  She has four children from four different men only one from a husband, and that child is being raised by him...Why? she chose to walk out of our home where she was living at the time without word, several days past which... well she's knows the rest of the sad outcome. she is totally dependent upon the state to provide for her and her kids. she doesn't have  adequate child care but must attend class or go to work, has a serious illness which requires medication daily, has to attend school to continue to be eligible for assistance. her last child was by a person who is over 30 and has five other children by other women he can't or won't provide for. She recently put him out of her home because he assaulted his ex-girlfriend.She herself may have to file a personal protection order against him.

What's wrong with that picture?
The sad part is that she has a family member a third wave ignorant feminist in her ear, trying to convince her there's a conspiracy against her because she's a female, What happened to personal responsibility and thinking about our actions and basing these choices on sound judgement from a source which is sound?, ie Islamic Text: Qur'an and authentic sunnah. Rather The Believing Women are not like the disbelieving women, let alone have some bond with them. I hope she reads this and realize that If she is indeed a believing Women she must distance herself from any women or man who doesn't worship their lord, and leave off seeking adventure with them. Talayia? this post is specifically for you. please take heed and listen to your parents advice regarding this pitiful and pathetic circumstances. on the Day of Judgement Allah will Say  " They will say: "Woe to us! This is the Day of Recompense!'') (21. (It will be said:) "This is the Day of Judgement which you used to deny.'') (22. (It will be said to the angels:) Assemble those who did wrong, together with their companions and what they used to worship,) (23. Instead of Allah, and lead them on to the way of flaming Fire (Hell);) (24. But stop them, verily, they are to be questioned.) (25. "What is the matter with you Why do you not help one another'') (26. Nay, but that Day they shall surrender.) Sura As Saaffat from the Noble Qur'an

Part of the Problem is  The rise of irresponsible young women and the liberal policies which support them. Why on earth does states grant women money after they irresponsibly have children and can't provide for them, by no means do those men who father them get off the hook either but the current child support laws are not preventing this epidemic, Many times it's the choice which the two young irresponsible people have made knowing that their is a net which they can fall upon. two three and four children under the same set of circumstances.case in point my own daughter although she has a beautiful example in Islam which will free her from groveling at the government programs which will eventually push her out in the streets to work or attend school and she can't afford adequate childcare,or education, but she has a family she didn't plan for. and more importantly she may have both parents who taught her better. Peer groups and norms within a secular society effect her judgements and choices so She falls flat on her face over and over again and the other women in her circle have given her a perpetual past due to some imaginary bond they claim to have watch this video and please leave a comment Be mindful this video contains graphic content unsuitable for many.


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