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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why Children Blame their Parents

Why wouldn't they, We parents are more than half to blame for our children's behavior before and after they reach the age of discernment (puberty). Our habits in the house, with our Spouse our Siblings,and in our social circles. More Importantly, Our integrity and ethics teach our children what's important in life and in what order. If educational pursuits and the earning wealth takes precedence, weather our religious practices are important, then these issues are what becomes important to our children. But then you have association, our children's friends at school or work, which also effect their choices, But more importantly society has a real powerful role in influencing their behavior.

  Be a good role model. As a parent, you are the most powerful example in your child’s life. He sees how you interact with your friends and acquaintances, so try to model positive relationships. For example, if you talk in a negative way about one friend with another or are rude to someone at the grocery store, your teen may consciously or unconsciously act this way in his own interactions with friends and peers. Remember that even when you don’t think your child is listening or watching, he probably is!
from  http://www.onetoughjob.org 

 If your grown child is at home here's some rules you can enfource upon them while they shack up with us parents

 1) You are either working to get married seeking this beneficial way to independence, or in college taking 12 units or more or working. If you are in college, you do not pay us rent. If you are not in college, you pay us a low rent.

2) you have a reasonable curfew most nights..you can't be waking everybody up because you decide to come home at 2 a.m. -there are exceptions.

3) you pay for your own expenses, car, car insurance, gas, clothes. We may help out from time to time, but it would be a gift, not something you expect.

4) you clean up your stuff, help with dishes if you eat with us. Or you can eat out.

Tough love but it works

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