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Monday, October 22, 2012

Wise Islamic Verdicts which protect the Honor of the sexes

The mixing of male and female students and male and female teachers in places of education is forbidden. This is because of the trial and temptation (Fitnah), the arousal of desire, and the occurrence of immorality which result from it. Sins are multiplied and crimes increase if the female teachers or the female students reveal anything of their 'Awrah or wear transparent clothes which reveal what is beneath them, or if they wear tight clothes which outline their parts, or if they flirt with the male students or the teachers, and joke with them, or other such behavior. All of this weakens respect and esteem, and causes a loss of honor and dignity.
Therefore, it is incumbent upon the authorities to assign institutes, schools and colleges for male students and likewise for female students. This is so, in order to preserve their religion and to prevent weakening of respect, esteem, honor and dignity and to prevent chaos in relations between the sexes. Then those people with a sense of honor and religion among the teaching profession and the student body are able to organize their affairs, without impediment or harassment. If the authorities do not fulfill their obligations and segregation of male and female students is not attained in the field of education and they do not prevent the transparently-dressed, scantily-clad women, it is not permissible to join such bodies as these, unless one considers that he has the ability to reduce sin and lessen evil through advice and mutual cooperation with others like himself among his colleagues and teachers and he is able to guard himself from temptation.
The Permanent Committee
  It is my view that it is not permissible for a person — man or woman — to study in mixed schools; this is because of the great danger to his modesty, reputation and morals, because a human being, whatever may be his reputation, morals and innocence, if there is a woman sitting next to his chair — and especially if she is beautiful and revealing her beauty — is unlikely to be safe from temptation and evil and everything which leads to temptation and evil is forbidden and is impermissible. So we ask Allah, Most Glorified, Most High, for our Muslim brothers that they protect them from such matters as these which bring nothing but evil, temptation and corruption to their young men. And if no other university is found except this one, he should leave his studies in order to study in another country in which there is no such mixing. So I do not consider it permissible, although someone else might hold another opinion.
Ibn 'Uthaimin

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