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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Alarming Data! What does it all mean?


  An Important Book for Muslim's as well as Non-Muslims

Sacred Freedom        

 Sacred Freedom contains a concise and frank examination of the legitimacy of atheism, humanism, pluralism, democracy and secularism as guiding ideologies for humankind. Discussing the consequences of a pluralistic worldview, Sacred Freedom questions whether the West has examined the realities of democracy before endeavoring to spread it by force around the world.

Topics covered in this book:

 Why Do Muslims Reject Atheism?
Why Do Muslims Reject Worshipping Others Along With God?
Can Mankind Rightfully Formulate Their Own Religion?
How Does Islam Enlighten People?
Is Islam a Regressive Religion and Way of Life?
Understanding Freedom, Diversity and Tolerance
Is Democracy the Answer to Mankind's Woes?
Is Secularism a Sound Ideology?
The Consequences of Following Incorrect Beliefs and False Ideologies

Read the book Free online here:






 "Plurality Support for Gay Marriage" 

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