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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It Starts At Home Parents.

What are you parents doing at home? in your everyday interactions with your spouses, neighbors, and more importantly your interaction with your children? Is Islam (Tawheed,and Sunnah) being implemented daily in the home? is the family studying the Qur'an together? Religious families are in crisis, values are missing in the home lives of many youth and young adults. Because I'm a Muslim first residing in a Muslim society. I decided to highlight this fact, but any reader of any demographic can ask themselves this same question. I'm beginning to see that parents are too busy to impart Islamic values to their children. if they are too busy earning  degrees and if they are too busy being entertained. Who's teaching the Class? We as Parents have failed in giving our children their rights except the one's whom Allah(God) has safeguarded. This of course is from a purely Islamic stand point. But generally Parents have dropped the ball, no matter which society you mention, or religious group. 

Child and youth are often said to be a group of energetic, enthusiasm, full of fun, curiosity, ideas and hopes. They also refer to adolescent’s period where in this period they changes in term of physical, biological, emotional and attitudes. All these changes could expose them to negative activities and influences that could lead to juvenile and social crimes as well as may destroy them without thinking of the future consequences. Thus, it can be understood that young people can be defined as being naive and inexperienced. The Parents must educate and impart values. Today, society, media, and peer groups have replaced the Parent as the main influence in our children's lives. Why? Have we parents ourselves become negligent to the real purpose of life. which is to safely make it to the next life, and to give our children the tools to work on this same goal... Now I never heard it put so beautifully in a nutshell to ultimate goal to parenting...

During the recent Aspen Ideas Festival, One writer was confronted with the question What is the goal of parenting? Erika Christakis, M.P.H., M.Ed., is an early-childhood educator, public-health advocate writes  "Every society worries about its children.

 Fostering resilience in children was another common theme. We heard about experimental research that shows children perform better on problem-solving tasks when their effort is praised, rather than their intelligence. We heard about the intellectual capacities that predict success — traits such as optimism, flexibility, curiosity and the ability to assume the perspective of others — that are not captured by our current measures of academic performance. And we discussed how to attend better to the developmental needs of young kids: slowing down and giving them the space, physical and mental, to learn through play, to daydream, to experience struggle and disappointment, and to cultivate their passions. another jewish guy urged parents to understand the virtues of being ordinary. Above all, we emphasized the importance of relationships for the social and cognitive growth of children."  basically leave them to fend for themselves and explore this very dangerous existence we now live in. Now our young can seek out relationship themselves regardless of parents approval. "We even heard the voices of American children and what they want most from their parents: de-stressed emotional engagement. “If you’re tired, take a little nap,” one child suggested. “But not too long.” This is not the way of sane thinking parents who've taught their children to foster good manners and respect for their elders. This shows in my view that secularist, and many so-called experts simply don't know what to do about the crisis in the family, let alone within societies. These people just don't have what Islam has of solutions.

  Let the first thing you instill in your child after love and safety the moment they learn to speak is Knowing who their Lord and Creator is, and His rights over us.... Later I'll elaborate further specifically, If Allah permits..

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