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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Harms of Television on the family and society

Television and your children in General ;Television besides being a powerful agent of immorality, generally fosters various types of crime. Violence, aggression, robberies, murder, etc., are crimes which the young readily learn from TV shows. Much of the delinquency and youth crimes being perpetrated in the Western world could be traced to the TV.In an article entitled: TV Shows Blamed For Crimes. Los Angeles judge, Mark Bridler, blasted a TV crime show recently as the cause of a "seven-hour nightmare'' in which two teenagers taped shotguns to the heads of hostages and extracted a huge ransom from a Californian bank.Television Encourages Acceptance of AggressionThe regular and continuous shows of violence and aggression slowly, but most certainly, claim their victims. Viewers are 'brain-washed' by the perpetual scenes of violence to such an extent that violence and aggressiveness becomes accepted as a mode of behaviour.Television Encourages Imitation of Crime: Research has established that TV exercises a very strong influence on the minds of people causig them to imitate and enact the crime shown on the TV screen. Dr. Robert Liebert, a child psychologist who was a leading researcher in the United States Surgeon General's investigation into TV and social behaviour, says: Violence on home screens encourages 'an acceptance of aggression as a mode of behaviour...Perfectly normal children will imitate anti-social behaviour they see on television, not out of malice, but curiosity ... in showing displays of violence and criminal acts, the media is 'teaching', people are 'learning', he says. The Brainwashing Action of Television: Television is here and its biggest fans are children. Overnight they've become instant pundits, immediately recognizing personalities who are still just faces to the rest of us.It's the kids who grab the TV guide and plot their viewing with military precision; the kids who know every cop and cowboy and exactly why it could not have been the butler who did it.Will reading become a forgotten art only necessary to decipher the basic English of the TV guide or the secret message flashed on the screen by Agent X who has seconds to read the scrawl before it self-destructs? Researchers have established that the young minds of children are readily susceptible to being brainwashed by TV. In America organizations have been formed in scores of cities in order to tighten the evil effects of TV on children. The President of the Organization , Action For Children's

Television, a Boston-based parents' organization with branches in 60 cities says:"At present from Monday to Friday, children are subjected to 16 minutes of commercials an hour, and 12 minutes an hour on weekends.''"Television advertisers in America are pouring unprecedented millions of dollars into the child slots for the autumn season, despite a storm of public indignation over 'brainwashing' on children's shows.'' Television Stunts Intellectual Growth: An eminent American elocutionist, Professor Lowell Little, claims that TV raises ignorant students. At an education seminar in Florida he said:"Today's youth are so used to plopping down in front of a television set and not having to put their brains to work that when they come to sit in a classroom of a university all they are capable of doing is day-dreaming and vacantly watching the clock."As the first generation of youngsters all but raised on television has now reached college age it is abundantly clear that the boob tube (i.e. television) has destroyed any curiosity they may ever have had."Their level of communication is just at the sixth grade level

."The television has more influence on them than parents, teachers or clergy - and that is a disgrace."If I get through to four students out of 30 and arouse their interest that's the best I can expect.''The Addictive Influence of TelevisionThe addictive influence of TV over its viewers is a serious malady which has reached alarming proportions. Viewers become so addicted to TV that it becomes most difficult for most viewers to live without TV. Research in this field of the 'addictive influence of TV' has established that if these who are addicted to TV are deprived of television they become increasingly nervous, short-tempered and unhappy.In an article captioned: Millions Addicted To The Box, the Eastern Province Herald of tile 23rd October, 1975, reports:"Television's addictive grip was emphasized some months before when three socially varied 'guinea pig' families agreed to try a switch-off for a month.

 The lowest income family could stand the deprivation only a week; the other two lasted for four weeks, hating every minute of it. They said they felt as if they had lost a friend, were depressed and thought their work was suffering too."In an earlier psychological experiment 182 West Germans volunteered to try to give up television for a year, with the inducement of payment as long as they kept it off. One brave family stood the strain for nearly six months - till they wanted to watch a crime serial. The first volunteer, a bachelor; failed after three weeks. Others became increasingly nervous, short-tempered and unhappy ... "Television diverts man's attention from the remembrance of Allâh - The Prophet, may the prayers and blessings of Allâh be upon him, said:''Every sport or amusement that a Muslim occupies himself with is bâtil (baseless, null and not permissible) - except three: (the three types beings his practicing with your bow (and arrow); his training horse and his playing with his family." (Ibn Mâjah. It was declared authentic by Shaykh al-Albânî in Sahîh Sunan Ibn Mâjah 2/132. no. 2267 [2811]. See also Silsilah Sahîhah 1/562, no. 315)Allâh, the Most High, says in the Qur'ân:''The life of the world is nothing but a pastime and a play. The Hereafter is better for those who fear [Allah]. Have you no sense?'' (Al-Qur'ân 6:32)

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